“I have been dealing with spinal cord issues since 1989 when I had my first multi- level cervical fusion. I currently have 8 levels of my cervical & lumbar spine wither fused or with artificial discs. I maintain a reasonably active lifestyle which results in a fair amount of inflammation , muscular discomfort and associated post surgical issues. Dr. Reimer has been instrumental in allowing me to pursue this lifestyle through the use of acupuncture and his neurological knowledge and expertise. His history as a neurosurgeon combined with his practice of Eastern medicine is an unbeatable combination for me . Before every treatment we review previous treatment and results. Then we discuss my condition that day and he formulates the approach to address my issues with active input from me. I have seen many acupuncturists over the last 30 yrs and no practitioner has come close to providing me the relief that Ron has over the last two years. No words can adequately express what his practice has done for my life, I consider him a friend. If you have chronic issues that you have been told you simply have to live with I suggest you visit Dr. Reimer. “
John C.
“The treatment from Dr. R. Reimer and the staff Coastal Health Institute deserves more than a 5-star rating. Dr. Reimer and his team provide sound therapeutic treatment with kindness, compassion, and an individualized touch that makes one feel as if they are the ONLY patient there. The treatments have been a true “game-changer” for me.”
Deb G.
“Dr. Bittencourt is absolutely wonderful for EDS patients. Words can’t say enough about how caring and compassionate he was with my daughter who had recently been diagnosed. We are new patients but I feel like he will be invaluable to her recovery.”
Erin M.
“I have known Edsel professionally for several years. He has treated many members of my family with outstanding results, particularly my wife as a competitive tennis player and son as a soccer player. Edsel has a wholistic approach to therapy and is extremely knowledgeable about how all parts of the body are interconnected. I saw Edsel this week due to an injury resulting from a fall from a horse. He was able to relieve almost all the shoulder pain that I had been suffering from for months. I would highly recommend. “
Robert W.
I’m happy with the treatment that Dr Edsel gave me yesterday. It was the first time visiting.He is a great professional.
Nalva P.
“Edsel Bittencourt: An extremely intelligent man who effectively analyzes your structural and physiological being, then explains why you are hurting in common language and treats the root of the problem. If you’re willing to work independently, Edsel will provide you with specific exercises to improve whatever ails you. His social intelligence makes your visit enjoyable! I highly recommend Edsel at the Coastal Health Institute.”
Sally S.
“Dr. Bittencourt is very gifted with his work. I have had a long history with him helping me to heal lower back injuries near and far away! He is extremely knowledgeable and has many practical suggestions and explains the anatomy surrounding my injury very well. Forever grateful to know Edsel.”
Noel C.
I have not had full mobility of my shoulder for years and have dealt with back pain for many years as well. Since going to Coastal Health and seeing Edsel Bittencourt, I have full mobility of my shoulder and I am no longer taking medicine for back pain. He is much more than a physical therapist and he truly cares. I have been impressed with the entire team at Coastal Health. They truly are looking out for your well being, which is refreshing when compared to the “rushed through” feeling of many other healthcare facilities. The team takes the time to listen. I highly recommend Coastal Health.”
Dan V.
“It was my first time trying acupuncture. Dr. Reimer came highly recommended. I had a great experience. I’ve been back for more treatments and every experience has been great.”
Karyn B.
“I immediately felt a major shift in my GI system when Dr. Reimer placed the needles. I have felt energized and balances since my treatment- Dr. Reimer is amazing!”
Amy St. D.
“Dr. Reimer is without doubt one of the finest physicians I have been so very fortunate to have recommended to me. He is truly caring, listens intently to one’s health history and issues and addresses them with both concern and empathy and strives to help a patient achieve wellness. He is an exceptional human being and a credit to his profession.”
Karen Bernhardt